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(I am sorry as I feel this is another one of those stories that starts with a mention of twitter land, but to be setting the scene it is needed! So…)

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that for a while me and my pals have been involved wiv the #plan to try and get all the lovely noms from Wagg HQ and put em somewhere that we could be getting at em when we are ungry; where sticks are not broken into smaller pieces and packets are nommed in one go! (Sounds good don’t it?!)

Anyway one of my allies in this plan was clearly finking very ard one day as they come up with the brilliant idea…we should nom the treats that was sent to Crufts, kinda stop em en-route so that we could ave all the noms and no-one at Wagg HQ would ever be knowing! Genius or what?!

The nom transporter! Keep your eyes peeled for this!!

I did start off this brilliant plan by sending typist down to Crufts for a day. She was finking she was going to be seeing Crufts, sharing surveys and generally experiencing what is “Crufts”. But you see I ad been tricked her as the real reason was so that she would take lots of pics and then we would be able to locate the stand easy as pie (mmmm pie – I digress).

Paw typist did ave a bit of an early start so I was lovely and sent her on er way wiv a nice breakfast (although why she couldn’t ave a bowl of Wagg I will never know!)

I think I would rather ave my Wagg!!

She did come back wiv some brilliant photos of where the treats were….

Taking a mental note!

That’s lookin a bit low – I hope they don’t run out! *worried ears*

But she also shared wiv me ova fings which I did not know, like they ad a big tell for watching the dogs on…

Doggie-vision BOL!

And a tiny television studio (which I liked the look of very much)

I don’t know why my pic aint up there!

Anyway I digress again, so when typist returned to er proper job of being my general dogs body (BOL – geddit?) on Friday I did have a proper look around er photos and we concocted our plan.

We would wait until 8pm on the Sunday evening for the #GreatCruftsRaid, when all the staff would be feeling a bit tired and sorry for themselves and congregated in the very posh hotel which was next door. @wonderwinger was the first dog on the scene, and was getting very impatient when @lucyyellowlab arrived in is cunning disguise (although the award for the best disguise was @TheJoyce a very convincing dog – she is actually a cat!) @wonderwinger anded out the backpacks and after a bit of a discussion of which colour best suited @millymopmoo we was ready. I did be leading the way to the stand, which we found wiv only slight diversions @Rudipuds did get slightly distracted wiv a victory dance in the main ring before we ad found the noms

(Obviously it was darker and wivout people when @Rudipuds danced in it!)

and @Katiepops_l was slightly distracted by the pretty lights.

So pretty!!!

Luckily @Millie_T_Dog took control and we was there swag got and back at the otel before you can say “yes purlease I would very much like to try one of your Wagg Low Fat treats” . Hee hee we did ave an ace celebratory pawty that night!

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