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Interview with a Star (not Rudi, the other Star!)

I as been asked to carry out some interviews about the film that we did run the competition for, so that you can better know the stars when it is finally launched. I fought I would trial my interviewing techniques on the lovely Lizzie as she is the star of the film.

Lizzie the star!

For ease of following I as pointed out ooo be saying what  – enjoy!

Me (this is me, chief interviewer and question asker): Lizzie you’re just off the set of “If you go down to the woods…” – how you feeling?

Lizzie (she is the star): Pretty full actually as I just found an unguarded bag of Wagg dog food.

Me: How do you fink filming went?

Lizzie: Well from my point of view it was a blast – it was like having a walk that lasted all day! Most of the time I got to run around the field, roll in smelly stuff and snack on sheep poo. All the cast and crew made a big fuss of me – I think they liked having me on set, even though I did knock some big equipment stuff over by accident.

Me: But didn’t you have to ang out in a really horrible bunker for ages?

Lizzie: That place was pretty gross, but I’d got used to going there weeks in advance, and basically got dog biscuits just for sitting about in it – can’t say it bothered me. We professionals just take these things in our stride.

Me: Obviously, we is ace! So did you have a professional dog handler?

Lizzie: (laughs) Good heavens no. I live 2 doors down from Catherine the writer and producer. My humans said I could be in the film, which meant Catherine took me out on tons of walks so we got used to each other. I think she really enjoyed it actually as she’s only got a lazy cat.

Me: And did you have to learn any new skills or tricks, was there plenty of treats?

Lizzie: Not really, it was more me training Catherine. After a while she’d give me a dog biscuit just for walking through a gate!

Me: What would you say was your favourite bit of the film?

Lizzie:Definitely the bit the crew called my Lassie moment. I got to hide in the bracken with Jack, my human owner in the story, and then burst out running down the hill through the long grass. It was brilliant fun – which was just as well as we had to do a lot of takes. The problem was I couldn’t quite see where Catherine was with the dog biscuit, as there were a lot of people in the way and I got a bit tangled up in some wires. I gave them a good tug though. I heard a bit of panicked shouting – something about “mind the boom”, but it was all fine.

Me: And were there any bits you found tricky or frightening- for example when the monster starts ranting at you?

Lizzie: Well actually I wasn’t actually in the room for that part, but that monster is not at all scary. Humans can be so dumb. Catherine came in with that silly mask on. I heard her say something about not being sure how I’d react –honestly don’t they know our sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than theirs – how was a stupid mask going to fool me? I’m afraid I walked off I was so embarrassed.

Me: So why is there a monster in a story about a day out in the country? Was Catherine aving a moment?

Lizzie: Well apart from the fact that Catherine likes showing off, I think the monster represents an extreme version of the reaction a lot of people have to dog mess. The monster in the story blames the dogs, but of course it’s the humans’ responsibility to clear it up. It’s not the dog’s fault at all, but unfortunately irresponsible owners do make some people hate dogs, which is a shame as we are such fun and great companions.

Me: So this was your acting debut and it sounds like it was a great success. What next?

Lizzie: For a start I hope Catherine doesn’t forget all her training and keeps coming round to take me out for walks in the evenings. As for acting – well the offers are flooding in so I will have to get an agent.

Me: And your dream role?

Lizzie: Apart from Lassie of course, I would say that has to be Aslan in the Narnia stories.

Me: And when will “If you go down to the woods…” be released?

Lizzie: Well it’s being edited now and that is a long process. So we plan to post some stills and maybe some out-takes on Facebook soon.

Me: Terrific we’ll keep all our followers updated. Do you have a final word for our readers?

Lizzie: Yes be kind to your owners – remember they only have 2 legs not 4 and can’t run up hills all day and have no understanding of the truly important things in life like chasing birds that are half a mile away or really interesting smells. Make allowances – after all they’re only human!

Me: well fank you Lizzie.

Wow I is pooped after all that hrd work, and a little peckish after all that nom talk – I may have to go and see where my dog food lunch is!


Dogs Get The Vote Awards Party

It all started very badly as I had to have a bath and my hair cut the night before so that I would look good on the photographs, I don’t have one good side – I have 4 good sides (not including top and bottom, I am a lady after all)

So off we went, it was a very warm day driving to London, luckily I was in my private quarters with the air con on, so I sleep most of the way. We made one stop at the motorway services for a “comfort break”, where I was much admired by everyone who saw me – It can be such a curse to be so good looking sometimes!

Eventually we arrived in London where Mum had a bit of a phaff trying to find a parking space but she found one eventually. Once inside Metro Bank the staff were awesome, showing me to the waiting area and bringing me a bowl of water. Mum (the meany) wouldn’t let me sit on the comfy chair like at home because of all the men in suits –  sounded like nonsense to me, everyone who came to say hello went away with my hair on them anyway, so what difference did it make?!

Meeting and Greeting

Duffy or Sir Duffield to give him his full title came to introduce himself. He is so cute, just like a little puppy. I could have mothered the life out of him. What a doll! He explained what was going to happen at the awards partyn and why I (sorry we) were there!

Metro Bank asked all their customers’ dogs to vote for the best tasting dog treat , so that Metro Bank could put it in dishes in all their branches for any dog who came in to eat. (Wow, what a great idea, I think we should have treats in bowls at home in every room for me to eat whenever I want. I will try thought transference on Mum all the way home on this subject.) Wagg Low Fat Treats were voted the best out of 3000 votes and every dog that voted got their name put in a raffle to win a dog hamper with lots of goodies in. So as well as me (sorry us, sorry Wagg) getting an award the winning dogs were also coming to collect their hampers.

The party began, Duffy’s Dad welcomed everyone and explained what Duffy had already told me (you have to repeat things to humans!)  Me and Mum had lots of photos taken, I loved it, she wasn’t so happy! I mingled with some TV stars (the dog from Dr Martin TV show, the dog from the Specsavers ad and another TV star dog) the winning dogs for the hampers and a lady from the Kennel Club and a lady from Battersea Dogs Home, where the orphan dogs have to go until new Mums and Dads can be found for them. That is so sad, it makes you realise how lucky my Mum and Dad are to have me in their life. I must make them so happy.

I was SO well behaved!!!

Duffy then presented me with my award

This is for me right???

and I thanked everyone for voting and I said that I would spend my year’s reign working with children and bringing about world peace.

They liked me joke!!!

Mum also said thank you and said our treats are good for dogs because they don’t have anything nasty in them and even puppies from eight weeks old can eat them. I just eat them because they taste nice.

Then the lady from the Kennel Club said thank you to Metro Bank for being so dog friendly and the lady from Battersea Dogs Home said thank you to Duffy, apparently if a Metro Bank customer adopts a dog from them, Metro Bank give the customer their adoption fee back!!

After that the doggie hampers were presented to the winning dogs.

Do i get one???

Then we all had some more photos taken. So many people told Mum how good I was and how beautiful I am, but I was just being me, I love people and most dogs I meet, as long as they remember their manners. I will say no more on that subject apart from some dogs need to learn “No means No”.

Then it was time to leave, so we said goodbye to everyone and left with my award, a beautiful golden bone dog bowl, which would be just perfect full of Wagg Treats but Mum put it in the car next to her, to keep it safe she said, but I think she just didn’t want me to have it.The drive home took ages, luckily I was able to sleep all the way home. It was very nice to visit London but I wouldn’t want to live there, there’s hardly any grass verges anywhere for a girl ”to go”.

Big thank you to Duffy and all his staff at Metro Bank especially Emma for making me so welcome and thank you Dalton for letting me represent Wagg Foods at such an important doggie event.


Matilda Mitchell (Miss)

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