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Dogs Get The Vote Awards Party

It all started very badly as I had to have a bath and my hair cut the night before so that I would look good on the photographs, I don’t have one good side – I have 4 good sides (not including top and bottom, I am a lady after all)

So off we went, it was a very warm day driving to London, luckily I was in my private quarters with the air con on, so I sleep most of the way. We made one stop at the motorway services for a “comfort break”, where I was much admired by everyone who saw me – It can be such a curse to be so good looking sometimes!

Eventually we arrived in London where Mum had a bit of a phaff trying to find a parking space but she found one eventually. Once inside Metro Bank the staff were awesome, showing me to the waiting area and bringing me a bowl of water. Mum (the meany) wouldn’t let me sit on the comfy chair like at home because of all the men in suits –  sounded like nonsense to me, everyone who came to say hello went away with my hair on them anyway, so what difference did it make?!

Meeting and Greeting

Duffy or Sir Duffield to give him his full title came to introduce himself. He is so cute, just like a little puppy. I could have mothered the life out of him. What a doll! He explained what was going to happen at the awards partyn and why I (sorry we) were there!

Metro Bank asked all their customers’ dogs to vote for the best tasting dog treat , so that Metro Bank could put it in dishes in all their branches for any dog who came in to eat. (Wow, what a great idea, I think we should have treats in bowls at home in every room for me to eat whenever I want. I will try thought transference on Mum all the way home on this subject.) Wagg Low Fat Treats were voted the best out of 3000 votes and every dog that voted got their name put in a raffle to win a dog hamper with lots of goodies in. So as well as me (sorry us, sorry Wagg) getting an award the winning dogs were also coming to collect their hampers.

The party began, Duffy’s Dad welcomed everyone and explained what Duffy had already told me (you have to repeat things to humans!)  Me and Mum had lots of photos taken, I loved it, she wasn’t so happy! I mingled with some TV stars (the dog from Dr Martin TV show, the dog from the Specsavers ad and another TV star dog) the winning dogs for the hampers and a lady from the Kennel Club and a lady from Battersea Dogs Home, where the orphan dogs have to go until new Mums and Dads can be found for them. That is so sad, it makes you realise how lucky my Mum and Dad are to have me in their life. I must make them so happy.

I was SO well behaved!!!

Duffy then presented me with my award

This is for me right???

and I thanked everyone for voting and I said that I would spend my year’s reign working with children and bringing about world peace.

They liked me joke!!!

Mum also said thank you and said our treats are good for dogs because they don’t have anything nasty in them and even puppies from eight weeks old can eat them. I just eat them because they taste nice.

Then the lady from the Kennel Club said thank you to Metro Bank for being so dog friendly and the lady from Battersea Dogs Home said thank you to Duffy, apparently if a Metro Bank customer adopts a dog from them, Metro Bank give the customer their adoption fee back!!

After that the doggie hampers were presented to the winning dogs.

Do i get one???

Then we all had some more photos taken. So many people told Mum how good I was and how beautiful I am, but I was just being me, I love people and most dogs I meet, as long as they remember their manners. I will say no more on that subject apart from some dogs need to learn “No means No”.

Then it was time to leave, so we said goodbye to everyone and left with my award, a beautiful golden bone dog bowl, which would be just perfect full of Wagg Treats but Mum put it in the car next to her, to keep it safe she said, but I think she just didn’t want me to have it.The drive home took ages, luckily I was able to sleep all the way home. It was very nice to visit London but I wouldn’t want to live there, there’s hardly any grass verges anywhere for a girl ”to go”.

Big thank you to Duffy and all his staff at Metro Bank especially Emma for making me so welcome and thank you Dalton for letting me represent Wagg Foods at such an important doggie event.


Matilda Mitchell (Miss)


I as a new furiend to introduce to you.

This is my Wagg fueled pal Harley, who drives all about the country on a motorbike with his mum and dad raising money for charities!

It takes a lot of Wagg to fuel Harley!

He did write to us telling us how much he did love Wagg and so bright spark fought we would help support im wiv what e does and now we is helping to fuel him (wiv the Wagg not the petrol as that is yuk!)

Here is the most recent letter and pictures I did receive from im, which is so ace I fought I would share wiv you…..

Dear Dalton

I would like to tell you about some of the things I have done recently, my first outing with my NEW Best Friends at Total Vision Motorcycle club came when I went on the Peterborough Mayors Charity Run, we left home on Saturday 28th April 2012 at around 9.30 am it was raining and arrived at the Fenman Pub, Stanground Peterborough for 10.15 we had bacon rolls and tea, I had water with my Bacon Roll we hoped the rain would clear but it didn’t. We were on the road for approx. 3 hours we travelled through Peterborough, Stanground, Yaxley and surrounding villages. Then stopped at RAF Whittering were I was a big attraction for the airmen on the gate. They were all taking photos of me, when we stopped at RAF Alconbury I was a big crowd puller despite the rain, we then carried on and came through Elton and some surrounding villages, we were all very wet and cold, everyone but me I don’t mind the rain or the cold. We pulled up at a pub near Elton and some people wanted my photo so our leader of the bike club said they could take my photo but would they make a donation to the Mayors charity, which they willing did one person paid £10.00 and was thanked by us all for his generosity.

When we arrived back in Peterborough they had arranged for the bikes to drive right into the city centre out side the Town Hall. We pulled up and with in a few minutes I was surrounded by people all wanting to take my photo, so we started another collection I think I did quite well the Mayor even allowed me to go into the town hall for water and biscuits. A great day for all even if we were all a little wet and soggy.

My second adventure was a day trip to the BMF on Saturday 19th May. This was also with my friends from Total Vision Motorcycle club, we were on their stand for the day. I had bacon and eggs and left over toast from the members of the club who had camped over night. They always spoil me, then I walked round the show and had a Hot dog and later in the day I sat in the sidecar with my doggles and helmet on and again I raised some money for their charity.

Today is my birthday I am 2 years old and we went into Peterborough town centre and I had treats, of ham, chicken sandwich and an Ice cream, lots of people stopped and spoke to mum and dad and I also got a big fuss from them, I even got some children wish me happy Birthday as mum had pinned a big badge on my harness which read Birthday Boy. A lady on the pet stall gave me a doggy treat and another lady bought me three piggy bits, these are one of my favourite snacks. After my goodies we walked through the town and I met some men from Peterborough Greyhound Stadium and had my picture taken with there Limo and a very large sculpture of a greyhound dog sitting on its roof, I also had my photo taken with a man who was collection for the New War Memorial they have just put up in the centre of town, I am now flaked out in the Back Garden sound asleep in the shade snoring like a good’un. Another busy day for a Celebrity Dog.

Woof Woof


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Makes me feel tired n ungry just finking about it all! So I is going to fill my tummy with some lovely dog food, while you can check out Harleys website and learn all bout ow he started:

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