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I as some AMAZING news!!!

A memory test for those of you oo follows my blog regularly *stern look at none followers*:

  • OO is bryn? Correct e is my furiend oo I sent to Scotland wiv typist
  • OO is Aiyla? She is the very beautiful river rescue dog who pulled typist out after we chucked er in. Typist volunteered to go in the river to be rescued, I ad not just thrown er in cause of er latest spelling mistake!!!!
  • OO is I? BOL only kidding

Anyway, Aiyla has ad some lovely baby puppies. Look aint they cute?

SOOO cute!

*worried ears* ang on Bryn was you a good boy in Scotland?? Phew… Bryn informs me that Aiyla was aving her blind date the day after pulling typist out of river. (What a busy weekend for Aiyla)

E is fast asleep! Shush

I can report that Aiyla and the three pups who ave been named Finn, Ash and Holly are all fit and well. And Aiyla will soon be returning to work after aving a very pampered mutt-ernity leave (BOL – do you see what I did there!)

Finn at 3 weeks! Ello little man *paw waves*


Scotland Part 4 (The Final Instalment)

Well we have reached the last section, so my final recap..

  • Me = Bryn
  • Travelled to Scotland to meet Stuart and his team (Trossachs SAR) who are sponsored by Wagg (see the link)
  • Dad and Typist keep needing to be rescued (may not bring them next time)

The final thing Stuart had lined up to teach us about was accelerant dogs. Now these dogs are trained to find accelerants which have been used to start a fire, and Jonathan and Flint demonstrated the test they do to ensure that the accelerant dogs are detecting accelerants and not just any burnt hydrocarbons (big long word from me!)

I think Flint was pretty certain, and Dave (who was the assessor) confirmed that Flint had got it correct, not that I had any doubt in my anipal!

Before heading back to the Inn for a well-deserved rest, we were joined by one of the firemen that Stuart and his team work with (well typist had waited a long time to meet one) who confirmed what we already knew – that Stuart and his team (all volunteers) do an amazing job and are superstars!

Not the fireman from the story!

By the end of the day, I was relieved to be pushed (I don’t jump) back into the boot of the car as I was dead on my paws from so much excitement.

Before heading home on the Sunday, I spent some time getting to know Dave a bit better. He has two accelerant dogs and explained more to me about how his dogs’ work (he was not as easily to distract with sticks as Stuart) He explained that both his dogs are trained to detect minute traces of flammable liquids at fire scenes.

Dave, Flugga & Selkie (they are Wagg dogs too!)

Once the fire is out, (obviously) the dogs can be used to search the scene and will indicate the presence and location of any samples containing flammable liquids that need to be taken and sent for laboratory analysis. This can save a great deal of time in the investigation of fires especially the larges scenes particularly where there has been significant damage. As with the Search and Rescue dogs the training is all based on retrieving so in essence, what we call work, is just a game to the dogs (it really is a dogs life). In their work they are looking for what they associate to be their toys and when they smell it they tell me by what is call a passive indication, they sit and look at it, so that the evidence is not disturbed or destroyed.

That Dave really knew his stuff, and that explains why he was the one carrying the clip board doing the assessments. I got him to pose with typist for some pictures (aint they good) before saying our goodbyes.

Your meant to be looking at me guys!!!

I guess that will have to do!

Before starting the long drive home, dad decided to show typist and I a bit more of Scotland as this was our first trip over the border. We started off with a trip to Loch Katrine

It was stunning!

where I had a good run

Action shot!

And ended the day with a paddle in Loch Lomond (and yes they insisted on singing the song – badly!)

“On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond….”

When we started on the long drive back to Thirsk, I decided to catch some zz’s and let dad and typist take control, after all I had been working very hard all weekend

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