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My Day Out

On Sunday I took the boss for a day out at the 98th Aldborough & Boroughbridge Agricultural show, unfortunately his map reading wasn’t up to much, so the day started with a very nice (and slightly repetitive) drive around Boroughbridge as we tried to locate the field!
When we eventually arrived there was lots and lots to see and do, I met a policeman and got to sniff a fire engine up close (although I wasn’t allowed to climb into the cabin unlike the children – which is clearly not fair!) There was a brass band playing and a few food stalls (I clocked the hog roast from a mile away, and knew what I wanted for lunch!)  There was ‘hook a duck’ (I wasn’t allowed to try) go carts and a massive inflatable slide. The boss had a go on the tombola; he won some conditioner and a book. Mrs Boss had a go and won a bottle of wine, which she said she would share with him if he behaved! While they busied themselves on the stalls I said hello to as many people as I could!
The first thing that properly caught my attention was a man on a stage with some sheep.  According to the boss, he was explaining the differences between the types of sheep (all kinda looked the same to me!) and explaining where the different breeds had come from. I was really enjoying it until the man put a sheep between his legs, turned on these buzzing things (shears apparently) and started to undress the sheep in front of everyone (poor sheep, down to your birthday suit with all those eyes watching!) At this I hinted we should move, as I was sure there was plenty more to see and I didn’t want to risk being volunteered for a trim!
There were lots and lots of doggies who had also taken their owners for a day out, and I realised that they were all congregating in the centre of the field, in a long line! And look what I found at the end of the line…

Hee hee that looks familiar!

The boss told me that this was the dog show and is one of the many events Wagg has provided sponsorship to this year. That meant that our food (and I spotted some of our treats) were being given to some of the winning dogs. Well, that was my mind made up I wanted to enter but the boss said this was unfair. He said I would win by a mile as I am clearly the best puppy and my coat looks fantatsic at the moment.
However, the boss got his way (humph!) and so we moved on. Next we went to look at the horses; I got to see horses of all shapes and sizes. My favourite were the ones about my height, Mrs Boss wanted to take one home, which I wouldn’t have minded to much (they don’t eat dog food, do they?!) I wasn’t as keen on the horses with hairy feet so I let the boss approach them first and I viewed them from behind his legs. They were gigantic, at least 5 times my height (I didn’t like the look of them, not taking one of those home regardless of what they eat!
I also got to meet some donkeys that were waiting to enter the ring. They were less frightening than the horses but made a very funny loud noise when they opened their mouths. There were some more sheep at the other side of the field (all fully clothed) and so we went to look at those, there was a large man in a bowler hat running his hands over each sheep and then muttering something to a woman with a clipboard (I think he was someone important!)
After meeting the sheep we went for a walk around the horticultural and craft marquee.  There were lots and lots of nose height tables (with a bit stretching) with cakes and jams and pies on them, but I wasn’t allowed to try anything!
Then I met some Bulls for the first time, they were even scarier than the horses with the hairy feet! And they had silver rings in their noses, the boss said this was so that the bulls can be controlled and lead around the ring with greater ease (from then one I walked perfectly on the lead, just in case!)
The day ended with tea and cakes in the president’s tent, which weren’t shared with me, so I sat under the table as they ate and hunted for crumbs! After such a busy day I had to rest on the way home, leaving the boss alone to navigate luckily he found the way home without my help and we aren’t still driving around Boroughbridge.
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