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A catch up with Sophie

Sophie is a Vet who we is sponsing through Vet School. I fought it wud be nice to have a chatch up over a cuppa and a Biscuit (wagg’mmms of corse)

So how’s you Sophie?
Things are going well thanks. I passed my January exams and I’ve just gone into hibernation for my May Exams…3 weeks to go!

What about after. got any summer plans?
I start an introduction to clinical course in June, then I have 6 Weeks over the summer of undertaking Placements in Various Surgeries. I Will also be going back to work full time over the summer at my old chemical job, which by comparison is extremly boring.

Ooo, sergeries, what will that involve?
I am spending 2 weeks in Macclesfield with small animals, then 2 weeks in York with a mixture of small and large animals, and then 1 week in North Wales on a farm with Animals.
I have to do a week of public health which can be in an abattoir, farm shop or any general place that sells animal products for human consumption. I’m hoping (prehaps the wrong word) to get a place in my home town abattoir, but tighter controles on who works in them may make this difficult.

What about the day to day life, what dose you do?
I am still at my part-time pub job in Liverpool city Centre…not much to report there.
I’m heading off to Knowsley Safari Park tomorow for a symposium where we get talks from the keepers and we get to interact with Elephants. Its an educational day looking at conservation and what we can do as vets. It’ll be realy intresting for me as this is the kind of area I would like to get into after I’ve graduated. I’ll try and get some pictures for you.

Elefants, they is the big ones, isn’t they?
What about your dissa-wosit-called, how’s that going?
I’ve finished my dissertation Draft and just awaiting a meeting to see if it needs any changing. I don’t know if anyone will be intrested but it was a comparison between Humans and dog’s with respect to Gallbladder surgery and the afteraffects. There is no evidence that they share afteraffects yet but there is not enough reseach to rule it out completely

Well, good luck with the meting thingy, and i ope you enjoy meeting the elefants

Sophie feeding the Elephants

Sophie feeding the Elephants

Sophie meets the Elephants

Sophie meets the Elephants


Rydanlue Gundogs Update

Judy at the Hampshire Novice

Judy at the Hampshire Novice

Now you will know that Wagg does be supporting various doggies well I as ad an update from Rydanlue Gundogs oo did say:

“Well this season Rydanlue Gundogs have taken the decision to retire FTCh Rydanlue Finesse, Poppy. She did run a few trials this season but we were only lcuky enough to get 2nd, 3rd and Certificates of Merit which we were pleased with.

However her two daughters Rydanlue Knockout and Rydanlue Kaleidoscope were both entered in Novice trials and Rydanlue Knockout (Jade) won her Novice Stake on 30th November at Stiperstones Shoot in Shropshire and her sister Rydanlue Kaleidoscope (Judy) won her Novice on 16th January 2013 at Hooten Pagnell where she was also awarded Guns Choice and Best Hunting Spaniel.

All in all we have had a very good season indeed and now have two Open Trialling dogs to run next season. Steve also had the pleasure of judging the Swedish Spaniel Championship last december which was fantastic.”

If you would like to learn more about the Rydanlue Gundogs then check out the Wagg website.

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