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it’s kissmass!

Here it is my Christmas card from me to you, along with my sidekick Archie!

Here it is my Kissmas card from me to you, o and Archie!



Anipals I ave some stop the press news… this is big, huge in fact it is so good I would even recommend putting down the half eaten packet of Wagg treats I see in your paw and give me your full undivided attention (trust me it is worth it!!)

*best announcing voice* Ladies, Gentleman, Humums, Hudads and anyone else oo does not fit into one of these categories…..drum roll please…. Wagg is now selling our new most yummiest of biscuits!! *pauses for cheers and applauses*

Ello new lovely biscuits

Don’t they look yummy!

Yummy yummy I want you in my tummy!!

As wiv everyfing Wagg they have been specially formulated to keep your dog’s tail waggin and contain extra stuff to help support a healthy immune system….. which your humum will care bout more than you does…….ave crunchy texture to help keep our teeth and gums clean and no added sugar….another mummy impartant bit…… but all you as to know is they taste yummy!

I know your mind works in the sames way as me and I fink we should be allowed to eat unlimited mmms too, but the smart alex *shakes head in discuss* has put a “handy” feeding guide on the size suggesting that they is fed in moderation…..and even suggested that when feeding treats to reduce our main meal to ensure we stay in tip top condition….when I find out where this alex is I will be aving words my pal don’t you worry!

Anyway I go off on side track…..The other amazing should ave been mentioned earlier but I ave just thought of it now news is that the mmms come in three lip smacking flavours:


Scrumptious Salmon


Lip smackin Liver

and Chicken

Cracking Chicken

and the boxes are the perfect size to be fitted into a very large stocking in time for Christmas!

I fink the one of the right may just do!

So I would suggest that you get your santa’s lists out and start adding em now….go on… and while you wait for Santa Paws to land get your humum, hudad and every other family member down the shop to buy you some!

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