An interview with Rudi (@Rudipuds)

So having being so successful at interviewing Lizzie, I thought I would try my look with the lovely and talented Rudi, our competition winner, Wagg Fan and all round good guy (but don’t tell him I said that his head is big enough!)


Rudi you’re just off the set of “If you go down to the woods…” –

Q: How you feeling?

A: I loved filming but glad to get home away from the razzmatazz

All worn out!!

Q: How do you fink filming went?

A: My bit was easy *modest ears* but Dad of course had to do a number of retakes for his bit picking up poo *stifles a giggle* Pfft, even offered me make-up but didn’t need it as naturally handsome BOL

Q:Was it as glam as you thought it would be?

A: Best bit of filming was all the fuss & Wagg noms. Hotel was ace too, suitable for my film star status.

Q: So did you have a professional dog handler?

A: I always have a professional dog handler with me as befits my status BOL. (Actually it’s my Dad but don’t tell incase it ruins my image)

Q: And did you have to learn any new skills or tricks, was there plenty of treats?

A: Haha certainly showed some of my tricks to your typist & my co-star *winks*. Loadsa Wagg treats which I nommed.

Q: What would you say was your favourite bit of the day?

A: Meeting Daltons typist & the comfy bed in the hotel (Oh blimey was that supposed to be Dads?)

Q: So this was your acting debut, do you have any plans to move to Hollywood?

A: Do they do Wagg treats in Hollywood?

Q: And how are you dealing with you new found fame, any new female fans?

A: Signing lots of pawtographs with my usual flourish & a wink for the girlies. About to start my charity work as a Blue Cross Educational Volunteer going into schools (I will of course tell them about my film star status BOL)

Waiting for fan mail!

Q: Although my sources tell me you only have eyes for one lady?

A: Of course! :0) I am engaged to the lovely @lucyyellowlab

Relaxing in the garden

Q: Do you humum and dad treat you any differently now?

A: Thats a no!

No limo’s for this star (his head won’t fit in em anyways BOL!)

Q: So what’s next?

A: My agent (Mom) is reading scripts for me, looks like a major part in a pantomime coming up #pantopawz

Taking time to relax

Well thank you very much for sparing your time, now how about we go and nom some Wagg treats?!


About Dalton

MUTTerings of a dog at Wagg HQ! Normally seen relaxing under the directors desk, after a day of bin emptying & failed treat stealing - but one day....!!

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  1. what a nice interview – wish I could be a movie star too :o)

  2. Hey! I know you! Woof….pawsome werk Roodi an Doltun

  3. Rudi is gorgeous. Great interview. Litchi, being black, just doesn’t show up on camera very well, otherwise I’m sure she’d be a star as well 😀

  4. Rudi, you star you! So glad the movie star biz hasn’t stopped your funny, helpful nature from razzing your pals. We wuv u, and pal, u barely fit on that window to sleep! Bahaha hug u.

  5. I wanna be a movie star, great interview 🙂 Pee-ess Rudi is adorables xx0xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Woo Hoo! Rudi’s got STAR ATTITUDE and an entourage already. Good going, Rudi! You’re cute, but I got a thing for a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Leo.

    Hey, hey, Dalton! Another great interview.

  7. I ‘m impressed by the standard of information in this particular website. There are lots of good strategies

  8. Hey Dalton, Jet here.

    Dude, you’re a natural interviewer!

    Rudi sounds like he’s a cool Dude, bet we three could have lots of fun hanging out! Will you post his commercial when it comes out? Do you know his heritage, Mom’s trying to figure it out?

    Love his “star” quality… however, he needs to keep his engagement private… he’ll get more attention from the girlies for Wagg if they think he’s still solo! (that’s what they say in the tabloid mags anyway!!!)

    Great post.

  9. Great interview, but make sure Rudi knows you can have more than one girlfriend – as long as you don’t happen to meet both of them at the same time.

  10. Hello, I love to read more on this subject. I appreciate you for publishing this.

  11. We love reading these interviews!

    PeeS we never did your bloggy treat review 😦

    • Well why not! We will ave to sort that ouor right away! Can you send your address, blog link (which I know but it will elp typist remember what she is doing!) and let me know which treats you would like to try!

  12. Hey Dalton! How have you been? i’m sorry i haven’t come along to visit in a while. We’ve been busy preparing for da videO for Cesar Millan here: Today’s the final day for vOting. Just barely 2 hours to go. I was wondering if you would like to help vOte for me one last time today? Thanks a whole lot! Xoxoxo Poppy!

  13. Hi Dalton,
    We are finally catching up !! How lucky you are to interview a movie star !!! Well done !

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

  14. Hi Dalton,Come and visit me I have just given you a star!,xx Speedy

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MUTTerings of a dog at Wagg HQ! Normally seen relaxing under the directors desk, after a day of bin emptying & failed treat stealing - but one day....!!

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