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Scotland – Part 3 (The Burger Van & Other Stuff)

Recap (just encase you aint paying attention – you listening at the back?)

  • I is still Bryn ( Daltons roving reporter extraordinaire)
  • We are with our furiends Trossachs Search and Rescue team in Scotland (they are a bit ace!)
  • Rescued dad from field (quite impressive)
  • Rescued typist from river (just as impressive)
  • I played fetch (highlight of day)
  • Are now hunting for the burger van??!!

 Yes my furiends an actual burger van, where the two legs ate burgers and haggis and sausages and drank cups of tea and I got nowt. I will have to reread my contract!

It actually exsists!

So once they had all stuffed their faces we headed off to our second fire station of the day (at this news I thought typist was going to faint!) to do some enclosed spaces rescues, at this news typist nearly did faint as she is not a fan of small places.

So yet again typist and dad changed clothes (3rd change for typist, 2nd for dad) and set off on their hands and knees. Stuart knew I was more into sticks than small details so he didn’t do a lot of explaining on how these searches work; however I assume it is the same principal as an open area search using smells on wind, and guiding the handler in to the body.

Is you ready dad, they is coming?!

Once typist and dad were in position we sent in Gayle and Taz, who did a super job of rescuing them both and making sure typist was still breathing.


She looks alive to me

And then we sent in Iain and Glen, and as typist was getting acclimatised she remembered to take some photos

Look at the boots! I want some


Well done Glen

and a video of being found

Stuart did distract me from my stick long enough to tell me that all the training is carried out as play, with the reward being a favourite toy. What an ace idea!!

Once we had rescued dad and typist for the second time,

O there you are, No i wasn’t worried, ok maybe a bit!

I got them to pose for some group photos

Did someone say Cheese??


Scotland – Part 2 (Will Typist Float??!!)

So to quickly recap on my last post…

  • I’m Bryn, the roving reporter – hello!
  • Arrived in Scotland, lovely hotel
  • Went to Fire station – no firemen (gutted typist)
  • Watched two very impressive open area searches
  • Rescued dad (hurray)
  • Overheard a conversation about throwing typist into the river (very excited)

You will never believe it but they were telling the truth – the very next thing we did on our Scottish weekend away was go down to the River Forth and chuck typist into it!

Calm down, obviously as we all quite like typist we did ensure she had all the correct equipment (doesn’t she look snazzy)

She would like to me point out so was wearing MANY layers!

And then they sent in the lovely Aiyla in to pull her out (all seems a bit barmy if you ask me!)

Aiyla in her working coat

Stuart used the ‘chucking in typist’ technique to show off how ace Aiyla is. She is a Newfoundland dog who has been specially trained to rescue people from the water, and she is so fantastic if needs be she can rescue more than one person at once!

Firstly typist had to wade out a suitable distance from the bank,

Stop waving we is waiting!


Think thats far enough

and then duck down in the water and wave n scream like a mad woman (which she found surprisingly easy!)

Realistic aint it?

Within minutes Aiyla was in the water racing to rescue typist,

Aiyla to the rescue!

 although typist did say it felt like an eternity before Aiyla came to the rescue.

Go Aiyla Go!!

However, after further discussion with Aiyla’s dad John, we discovered that she is just as clever as she looks and she carries out her own full assessment of the situation before entering the water. How clever is that?

Once all the two legs thought that Aiyla would jump off a jetty to perform a rescue, and when she didn’t this confused the two legs, so they had a closer look and realised that she had spotted and avoided some rather jagged rocks which they had all missed. Knew us dogs were clever!

You got her! Way to go

Anyway I digress, so Aiyla swam out to typist who grabbed onto her special rescue coat (Ailylas coat not typists) and was towed to safety!

Safe at last!

Hurray for Aiyla, well typist was so excited she was sent in again, which meant that poor Aiyla had to go in again and to make it even harder this time John went in as well and Aiyla had to rescue them both.


Thats not fair two people to one dog!

Look at her - thats two people at once! I is impressed!


I don't know why John looks so tired, Aiyla did all the hard work!

Well watching Aiyla do all that work made me hungry so I was very pleased when lunchtime was announced, especially as someone had mentioned a burger van….



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