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Scotland – Part 1 (A Story in 4 parts, not counting the hand over!)

Hello Typist here, I can’t believe Dalton let me have full run of his blog this is so exciting, there is so much to tell you, and not just about Scotland, there are so many other things we can discuss … Sorry what’s that Dalton? Typical.

Ladies, Gentlemen and anipals, Dalton changed his mind (which he keeps informing me is well within his rights to do as top dog) and has decided that he would like me to introduce you to his Ginger furiend Bryn. Now because Dalton cares about me, yes you do Dalton, and was concerned I was going to be eaten by the Loch Ness Monster, Dalton didn’t send me to Scotland alone, instead he sent me with the very handsome and brave Bryn.

Ok not a great introductory photo but its all I had!

Now Dalton feels that Bryn will be more eloquent than myself in telling you all about our Scottish adventures and so I will pass over the story telling to him…. (replaced by a dog, I deserve better than this…)

Hi All, Bryn here so lets start our story at the very beginning…

The journey from Thirsk to Scotland was pretty uneventful, a few toilet stops, some good sniffs, and only the one diversion.  It felt colder as we moved north, but that was fine as the sound of the windscreen wipers sent me into a deep sleep which I was really enjoying until dad made a very strange, loud noise and woke me rather suddenly. Apparently he and typist had had a disagreement about how long the journey from Thirsk to Scotland would take and at that moment typist had just been proven wrong (I wouldn’t have put it past him to have organised to close that road himself – he does hate to be wrong!) So after a warning glance in his direction, I resumed my dreaming.

The warning worked as I was then allowed to snooze all the way until the hotel, and here’s the good news they allowed doggies so I was shown up to my room (I let typist and dad carry the bags) and I settled down for a good nights snooze (well travelling is tiring) and I knew I had a busy weekend ahead.

Here is dads n typists bed….

Looks comfy right??
And here is where I slept….

My bed – can’t you see it? Its the green towel!! Unfair me thinks

The next morning  was an early start (9am on a Saturday!!!)  we met Stuart from Trossach SAR at the fire station (typist was most unimpressed not to see any fireman – I quickly reminded her she was here with us!)We all piled into Stuarts van (I was less than happy to see once again I was in the boot) and we headed off to watch Jo and Mitch carry out an open area search.

Jo & Mitch

It was SO impressive, it took them next to no time to search a massive area, and they successfully rescued two bodies who had got lost (I was pleased to see they had got lost with a sleeping bag and flask – now that’s forward planning!)

They are the tiny dots you can see!!

Stuart explained that when searching an area the handler has to do a lot of calculations before setting off to search, taking wind direction and various other details into account, to ensure nothing is missed.

Well they do say four heads are better than one!

I don’t know who they were kidding the dogs clearly did all the work and I had a very busy morning too trying to encourage people to play fetch.

Throw it…Throw the stick!!

Jo and Mitch were so fantastic that we managed to see them do two full searches of different areas. Once all the hard work was finished Stuart let Dad and typist play rescues, dad went to hide (which he didn’t manage so well)

We can see you!!!

 and typist took on the role of the buddy (cause you should never go out alone) and walked with Iain leaving Glen to do all the hard work.

After that we all got back into the cars, which I did with much excitement as I heard someone say they were throwing typist into a river and this I had to see….



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